During my NVQ plumbing studies and practicals I came up with some ideas, inventions, and gadgets from time to time, to help plumbers ply their craft, or at least to give my fellow students something to think about.  Now that I plumb for paying customers, I seem to be continuing with these activities, and now have far more opportunity to test out ideas and prototypes.

Some of these ideas I'm trying to develop further into marketable products, with the help of a friendly plumbing tools manufacturer.  Naturally I'm not going to make all of these public at the moment, but one — the Combination mini crutch & wheel head key — is being manufactured now so I've put it on this website.  Another — the 'Bearhug'(TM) adjustable tap wrench — is also now available.

Others are proving useful to me but I don't believe are worth keeping under wraps, so I'm putting them into the public domain on this site for your use, amusement, and comments.
Some or all of these ideas and gadgets may of course not be novel.  There really is little new under the Sun!  Some may even already be patented or in the process of being patented by others, unbeknown to me.  However, I still think it's worth telling you about them!  You are welcome to make use of any of these ideas that may be helpful to you, and to ask me for more information if it's needed.  That's partly why I'm putting them on this site.
Be aware that if any of the gadgets are indeed patented inventions you are not permitted to make them to sell or give to others.  But — under UK and US patent law at least — you are allowed to make them for your own private use or for study purposes, without infringing any patent.

If you feel like contacting me to comment on what you see here, please feel free to do so, at alansplumbing[AT]live[DOT]co[DOT]uk {Please edit '[AT]' & '[DOT]' to the usual characters! — this is my anti-spam attempt!!}

Have fun!

<i>BendAid</i> — Plumbers pipe bending mark-up tool BendAid — Plumbers pipe bending mark-up tool
Parallels for marking up offsets & passovers in copper pipe, showing marking guide Parallels for marking up offsets & passovers
600mm folding rule with calibration index and marks. Cutaway clears bending machine former when lining up pipe in machine. 'Automatic' calibrated 600mm angle setter
Bend-measuring guide used to mark centre-line on 22mm 90-degree bent copper pipe Bend measuring guide
Roof-angle pipe-marking device for lead slates, with adjustable hinged marking guide, aperture for pipes up to 110mm, built-in protractor, stays, vee-block and locking wingnuts. Roof-angle pipe-marking guide
Improvement to hand pipe bender, to prevent kinking tubes when making tight double sets. Improvement to pipe bender
Improving the shelf-life of Fernox LS-X compound. Improving the shelf-life of Fernox LS-X
Nomogram for gas pipe sizing. A nomogram for gas pipe sizing
Combination mini crutch & wheel head key The combination mini crutch & wheel head key
'Bearhug'(TM) adjustable tap wrench The 'Bearhug'(TM) adjustable tap wrench
Waste installer tool modification Improving the Monument popup waste installer tool